People Centred

LADS is a support, information and advocacy agency, founded in 1993 for people with ADHD / LD and associated conditions. LADS supports children, teenagers and adults with ADHD / LD their parents, partners, as well as those who treat teach and work with them.


Provide support, advocacy and accurate information to members, parents, families and all people affected by learning and attentional disorders, to advocate on their behalf and to work in partnership with others to ensure appropriate services are available.

Values and Principles

Voice: LADS will provide a voice for people whose lives are affected by ADHD and associated conditions. LADS acknowledges and values the significant experience and expertise of people with ADHD, their families and those affected by the condition and recognises them as a critical and legitimate source of knowledge.

Advocacy: LADS will ensure that the concerns and views of people with and affected by ADHD are accurately presented to the media, clinicians, service providers, politicians, policy makers and services.

Lifespan: LADS recognises the effect of ADHD and attentional and behavioural disorders across the lifespan.

Recognition/Understanding: LADS believes that greater understanding about ADHD will benefit people with and affected by ADHD, as well as the community as a whole. LADS will promote more informed understanding of ADHD in the community.

Diverse Approaches and Evidence Based Practice: LADS believes in the value of evidence based, diverse views and approaches to ADHD, its causes, effects and treatment. LADS encourages and supports evidence based professional practice and approaches to ADHD that respect each client and family’s rights and needs.

Involvement/Participation: People affected by ADHD will be involved in establishing the direction of the agency, its management and its operations.

Balanced Debate: LADS encourages and promotes balanced and informed debate on ADHD. LADS believes in presenting views and positions supported by evidence, rather than ideology and populist rhetoric about ADHD.

Affordable and Accessible Services: LADS believes that all people affected by ADHD have a right to appropriate services. LADS works towards making those services accessible and affordable to those who need them.

Reduce Suffering and Harm: LADS believes in reducing the harm and suffering that result from ADHD and associated conditions.

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