LADS Management Board

LADS Management Board is formed of passionate, proactive and purpose driven individuals to build a harmonious and productive members, which have professional or personal interest towards ADHD and co-existing conditions. 

Key objectives, LADS Management Board is working on, includes;

  • Develop and implement a governance model that supports our sustainable growth,
  • Ensure our resource capacity and capability support our organisation objectives,
  • Ensure our funding activities support our organisation objectives,
  • Develop and deliver an evidence-based service delivery function, in a sustainably managed fashion,
  • Develop and deliver a community engagement program that meets the needs of our community,
  • Advocate on behalf of our community, in a cohesive manner, to ensure our community have a voice in the public arena.

Together we are making a difference. 


Current members of LADS Management Board

Dr Michele Toner - President

Jordan Koroveshi - Vice President

Kim Dixon - Secretary 

Marcia de Almeida - Treasurer

Martine Exell

Susan Hughes

Zyron Krupenia

Sarah Ozanne

Dr Roger Paterson

Glen Young

Can you help LADS?

LADS are currently recruiting applications for the 2018 - 2019 Board.

LADS is seeking passionate, proactive and purpose driven individuals to build a harmonious and productive board in 2018-19. Members will have responsibility for a portfolio with annual targets and monthly reporting. The positions are: Membership Development, Seminars and Webinars, Grants, Marketing and Communications, Donations, Volunteer Development, Grants, Clinical Services, Marketing and Communications, and Fundraising. The Board meets once a month.

* Have an interest and/ or experience in ADHD?
* Are an effective communicator?
* Work cooperatively and enjoy being part of a team?
*Have the ability and willingness to contribute one or more of the following: Time, expertise, contacts?
*Have a personal commitment to LADS mission and values?

Board Members will be voted in by LADS members at our AGM on the 30th of May.

Ready to submit a nomination? Apply HERE before the 12th of May 2018

If you do not know a member to nominate you, please contact the office on 64577544 for assistance.

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